Dressing yourself and your partner for a photoshoot can be a struggle for even the most confident fashionista, but getting the entire family camera ready can feel incredibly daunting, especially when you have little ones in tow! 

This feeling is completely normal because you ultimately want photos that look and feel like your family – ones you’ll be proud to hang on the walls of your home. 

The good news is that choosing the right outfits for your family photoshoot doesn’t have to be so tricky and with a little guidance, it can actually be fun! 

Here are some tips on how to dress your family for your session.

Coordinate your outfits with a colour scheme 

While you don’t want every family member’s outfit to look exactly the same, coordinating your colour scheme will give your photos that effortlessly polished look that just makes them “sing”! For a family session, I recommend limiting your colour scheme to four complementary colours that suit the location. 

You could go with colours that contrast – think shades of orange and light pink against a deep green forest or pops of orange and light pink. Alternatively, you could choose colours that gently blend in with the surrounding environment. Creams, whites and shades of beige will look soothing against the blue and sandy tones of the beach, and shades of mustard, brown, or white will look stunning against a lush forest background.

Be mindful of bold patterns, as they can detract from your beautiful smiles. Above all, choose colours that you and your family would normally feel comfortable wearing! 

Incorporate texture and movement 

Wearing clothes with texture can add visual interest and depth to your family photos. Textured fabrics like corduroy and knits can create a cosy, warm feel, while free-flowing natural fibres like linen or cotton can create gorgeous silhouettes in the afternoon breeze.

Consider the location

Think about where your photoshoot will take place, and choose your outfits accordingly. For example, if you’re taking pictures on the beach, you might want to wear lighter colours or flowy dresses. If you’re taking photos in the bush or a garden, you could wear earthy tones or deep reds. 

For at-home sessions, feel free to slip into something a little more elevated than your everyday shorts and shirt, yet make sure it’s comfy – bare feet are encouraged! 

The golden rule is that wherever you decide to hold your family shoot, you want your clothing choices to be a natural fit for that location. 

Dress for the season

The season can have a big impact on what you wear for your family photoshoot. If it’s cold outside, you might want to layer up with a jacket or knit (or simply have them on hand as options!). If it’s hot, you’ll want to choose lighter fabrics and softer colours (wearing all black on a summer’s day is a big no-no in my books – trust me on this!). 

The season can also impact the colours and patterns you choose. In the autumn, you might choose deep oranges and browns, while in the summer, you might opt for soft, natural tones or brighter hues.

Accessorise wisely

Accessories can jazz up your outfit, but be careful not to overdo it. You could wear a simple necklace or earrings, or a scarf to add some interest to your outfit. However, you want to avoid large, distracting accessories, like statement watches or chunky necklaces, that could detract from the overall look.

Think about comfort

While it can be fun to shop around for a fancy new outfit (or two!) for your family session, there’s no point adding a bunch of new outfits to your Iconic shopping cart if you’re only going to feel uncomfortable in them. 

If you, your partner, or your kids aren’t comfortable with what you’re wearing, it will show in the photos. 

So consider your own personal style and comfort before making any purchases. Would you feel most comfortable with that staple white t-shirt and blue Levi jeans in your cupboard? Or would a brand new, flowy linen dress make you feel the part?

This same rule applies to your shoes! Select your shoes based on the location and think about what you’d normally wear. For example, you wouldn’t wear boots on the beach, but bare feet will do just fine! 

As a general rule of thumb, consider what you and your family would normally wear in that setting and go with that.

In summary, choosing what to wear for a family photoshoot can feel daunting, but with a little planning and coordination, you can achieve the aesthetic you’re dreaming of. Remember to coordinate your outfits, incorporate texture and movement, consider the location, dress for the season, accessorise wisely, and think about comfort. 

With these tips, you can confidently step in front of the camera and create joy-filled memories with your family.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss a thing when it comes to planning the outfits for your family photoshoot, grab my “What to Wear Guide” – it takes you through the exact steps you need to know to choose the perfect outfits, including detailed examples from past family shoots as well as tips for makeup and hair, and a sneak peek at my client wardrobe.


March 1, 2023

6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Outfits for Your Family Session

Hannah Redman