As a parent, you want to hold onto every precious moment with your family. But, the idea of getting family photos taken can often feel a little bit more like a chore than a joy. You’ve got to find the perfect location, find outfits for every member of the family, and hope that the kids are on their best behaviour!

As a family photographer, I completely understand. But I want to remind you that capturing the moment is more important than worrying about these details. Here are three reasons why capturing family memories is worth it.

1. Children grow up fast

Firstly, kids grow up very quickly. As a first-time parent, I’m discovering this for myself. It feels like just yesterday that my son Charlie was born, but he’s already changed so much. I know that in just a few short months, he’ll be sitting up, crawling, and then walking. Family photos allow us to freeze time and capture these fleeting moments so that we can remember them forever.

2. Unexpected events can happen

Secondly, unexpected events can happen. None of us know what the future holds. We might feel like we have all the time in the world to snap those precious family moments, but let’s face it – life can throw some curveballs. So whether you’re booking a family photo session with a professional photographer or simply picking up your own camera, one thing’s for sure – you’ll never regret capturing those precious moments in time.

3. Family photos connect us with the past and the future

Finally, family photos aren’t just for today – they’re for the future too! Photos help us connect with our past and our future. When we leaf through old family photo albums, we see our parents and grandparents and our relatives who’ve passed on. Photos are a way to connect with our roots, understand where we come from, and appreciate the family members who came before us. Similarly, family photos allow us to connect with future generations and create a lasting legacy. Our children and grandchildren will one day look at our photos and see our faces, our smiles, and our love. 

Tips for a stress-free family photo session

If you’re convinced that it’s time to book your family photo session (you should be!), here are some tips to make the process stress-free:

  1. Choose a photographer who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed
  2. Coordinate outfits, but don’t stress too much about it. Just make sure everyone looks and feels great!
  3. Choose a location that is meaningful to your family. It will make the photos more beautiful and breathtaking.
  4. Have fun with your family during the photo session. 
  5. Embrace imperfection and let your photographer capture your family’s true personality. 
  6. Take a photo with your doggo – they’re a part of the family too!

Book your family photo session today

So, if you’re like me and you believe that capturing family memories is important, I encourage you to consider booking a family photo session. It doesn’t have to be a big, elaborate affair. Even just a short family photo session can leave you with tons of photos you’ll treasure for years to come! 
If you’re interested in booking a family photo session, enquire with me today. I’d be honoured to capture your loved-up family moments.


July 14, 2023

A Guide to Stress-Free Family Photos

Hannah Redman