Picture this: you’re all set for a photo session, every detail meticulously planned weeks in advance, and then the unexpected throws a curveball. Maybe the weather takes an unexpected turn, your toddler decides it’s prime time to have a tantrum, or a stain appears out of nowhere on your perfectly chosen outfit. It’s frustrating, to say the least!

But don’t worry, in this blog, I’ll share how we can make sure your family photo session still happens even when life’s unexpected events get in the way. 

Rainy Days and Reschedules

You’re all dressed up and ready to bundle your family into the car and head to our photoshoot venue when all of a sudden, rain starts falling. I know it can feel disheartening! Weather is just one of those things we can’t control. So if rain or unexpected weather conditions come our way, we’ll work together to reschedule your session to a more suitable day. 

Kids Being Kids 

Kids have a special way of keeping us on our toes – and yes, sometimes that includes mid-photoshoot! If they’re not in the mood for a photo session and tears start flowing, don’t worry – I’ve got your back with my Reshoot Guarantee. We’ll schedule a redo, free of charge, so we can capture those joy-filled family moments minus the tears! 

Wardrobe Malfunctions and Stains

Wardrobe malfunctions or unexpected stains? It happens to the best of us! My number one tip for making sure your outfit looks great in photos is simply to pack a second set of clothes for everyone involved in the shoot – yup, even for the kiddos! I know it takes a little bit of extra preparation, but it’s a simple way to ensure that no matter what happens, everyone’s outfits will look great.

Date Clashes 

Life can get incredibly busy, and sometimes, despite our careful planning, a photo session clashes with another event. If that happens, just let me know at least two weeks in advance and we can reschedule your session free of charge.

Last-Minute Illness 

Health always comes first, and last-minute illnesses can catch us off guard (especially when the little ones come down with something!). If anyone in your family gets sick right before the session, don’t stress. Your comfort and well-being are top priorities, so I offer one free reschedule for these situations to ensure everyone feels their best on photo day. 

If you’ve been wanting to book a photo session but have felt nervous about unexpected events that might get in the way, I get it. While unexpected events rarely come up, for the times that they do, it’s important to book with a photographer who understands. 

Whether it rains, the kids are just being kids, you have wardrobe malfunctions, or other unforeseen events happen, I’m here to make sure your photo session is a fun and stress-free experience. 

If you want to book your photo session – whether it’s for a maternity shoot, newborn shoot, or family shoot, I’d love to hear from you! Enquire about my services here. 

I can’t wait to capture your joy-filled moments!


August 16, 2023

What to Expect When the Unexpected Happens

Hannah Redman