Having a maternity session is really special. You get to capture a moment in time when you’re carrying your precious bub – something you can look back on forever. 

However, finding the perfect outfit can prove quite the challenge. You want to feel comfortable and confident, but at the same time, you don’t want to compromise on style and you want your outfit to look timeless! As a maternity photographer and new mum (I recently had my own maternity shoot!), I get it. 

In this blog post, I’ll share my top tips on how to dress for your maternity photo session, so you can look and feel absolutely beautiful in your photos. 

Dress for the Season

Dressing for the season will ensure you feel comfortable throughout your shoot. Flowy dresses, maxi dresses, and light fabrics are ideal for summer sessions, while cosy knitwear and layers work well for winter shoots (you could even try layering a knit over a dress!). 


Choose styles that highlight your baby bump while also flattering your body shape. Empire waist dresses, A-line cuts, and wrap dresses are all popular choices that will accentuate your bump and create a beautiful silhouette in your photos. 

Colour Choices

Neutral colours like cream, beige, and pastels create a soft and timeless look, allowing the focus to remain on you and your baby bump (the star of the show!). Earthy tones and soft hues work well with outdoor backdrops, while bold colours can add a touch of vibrancy to suburban settings. 

Fabric and Texture

Opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics that drape gently over your belly. Flowy chiffon, soft cotton, and stretchy jersey materials are all great choices that will look nice and feel comfortable. 


Solid colours tend to work best for maternity portraits, as they draw attention to your baby bump. Patterns, on the other hand, can be a bit of a distraction. However, if you love patterns, choose subtle ones like delicate floral prints that complement your outfit. The key here is to not choose anything that would take away from the focus being on you, your partner, and your bump!

Dressing Your Family

Coordinate your partner and children’s outfits with your favourite colour palette and style. For example, if you’re dressing in white, you might use a colour palette of sage green and beige for the rest of the family. The key to effortless outfits is to avoid being too matchy-matchy and instead make sure they visually make sense together. 


It can be so frustrating having a maternity shoot and then looking back on your photos and seeing underwear lines through your clothing or visible if you have a dress or robe with a slit up the side. Avoid those visible lines by wearing nude or neutral-coloured seamless underwear or another colour choice that blends in with your outfit. On the other hand, if you’re wanting to show off your bump by showing some skin, you might like to choose underwear that matches nicely and that you feel comfortable showing in photos. 

How Many Outfits Should You Bring? 

I recommend bringing two to three outfits for your maternity photo session. This gives you a variety of looks and styles to choose from and ensures you’ve got a backup in case of any unforeseen wardrobe malfunctions! 

Where to Find Maternity Outfits 

Most retailers these days offer maternity-specific clothing lines that will cater to your bump. Otherwise, if you’re wanting to wear something flowy, you may find sizing up will do the trick! So make sure you browse your go-to retail store for options.

A few maternity-friendly options my clients love are Daughters of India, Zale the Label, and D&J. 

I maintain a client wardrobe that I’m always updating with a variety of beautiful pieces. You’re more than welcome to explore this collection and pick something that suits your style and vision for your shoot. 

If you want more tips on what to wear during your maternity session, grab my “What to Wear Guide.” 

This comprehensive guide will take you through the exact things you need to consider when selecting your maternity shoot outfit, complete with examples from past shoots. You’ll also get an exclusive sneak peek into my client wardrobe, which will give you even more inspiration for your maternity photo session. 
Ready to get your maternity photo session on the calendar? Enquire about a shoot with me today.


August 22, 2023

How To Dress For Your Maternity Session

Hannah Redman